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                            What we shoot

1. Fashion (Editorial) Photography

There are two types of fashion photography: high fashion and commercial. High fashion modeling is an art form of fashion. Our photographer photographs these model in artistic themes that relate to the clothing, shoes or accessory being promoted. These models uses their face and body to express different emotions required by the client. 
Most Editorial models are incredibly tall, slim, and usually are considered the ‘complete package’ by a very discriminatory industry. 
We will shoot anyone for this genre!   

2. Runway Photography

This type of work we do not do!

3. Swimsuit, Lingerie (Boudoir) Photography

This type of photography is specializing in showing off either swimsuits or lingerie. This type of photography is usually done with

someone a bit more voluptuous and curvy when it comes to the discriminatory social standards set by a judgmental industry, we however 

will shoot anyone who pays us to do so in their swimsuit and or lingerie. This also applies to anyone who wants to model sleepwear,

summer wear, and other forms of undergarments.

4. Commercial, Product Photography

Commercial Modeling is not restricted by age, height, or size and we NEVER Discriminate!. Therefore, this photography type is the most open to diverse and new talent. Commercial models advertise a wide range of products in catalogs, campaigns, and commercials.

This is also the category we would place any type of work in a production, manufacturing, real estate or "Commercial Industrial " 

5. Fitness Photography

This type of photography tends to be of models that society and the industry consider the most fit, toned, and athletically built models. This of course makes sense as these models are tasked with wearing fitness attire. Fitness photography includes but is not limited to photo shoots, videos and or commercials that involve models demonstrating fitness routines.

6. Parts Photography

Parts Photography specializes in photographing models, modeling their hands, arms, feet, and legs. A hand model can book a job involving jewelry, where as a foot model can book a job with a shoe company. Both can book jobs involving nail and beauty care products. As a whole, clients look for a parts model who has well-proportioned body parts that fit standard shoes and jewelry. For shoes it is usually a size 8.

7. Fit Photography

Fit Photography involves a photographer shooting images of a "fit" model who works behind the scenes and helps fashion designers get the sizing and fit right before garments are sent off to be manufactured. Fit models are a diverse group in terms of body shape since there’s a need for fit models to represent every size a garment comes in.

8. Promotional Photography

This type of photography is usually done on location with models that help sell or promote a certain product. For instance trade shows and other social live events. As a whole, these models must be personable, outgoing, and have a strong knowledge of the product they are representing.

9. Glamour Photography

Glamour photography is a genre of photography in which the subjects are portrayed in erotic poses ranging from fully clothed to nude. Glamour modeling is centered on appearance, including facial beauty and body shape. These models are usually curvier than editorial models and often book swimsuit and lingerie photo shoots. Glamour models tend to pose more suggestively than typical editorial or commercial models.

10. Print Photography

Print Photography is simply taking photographs of a model or models for shots that will be used in publications like newspapers, magazines, and brochures. Print photography is often found in magazines, billboards, campaigns, booklets, flyers, and posters. Print models usually have clear skin and a nice smile. While some of these models are selling a product, others are simply photographed based on the needs of the client.

11. Weddings

We will not shoot your wedding unless you sign a contract hiring us to also shoot your divorce!

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